I ❤️ Succulents!

I have always loved plants of all kinds. When I moved across country I gave away 30 houseplants that would not make the drive. I only brought my huge Boston fern which I babied for months until it finally gave into the dry desert climate.

Since then I have dabbled in many different categories of plants but have really fallen in love with succulents over the last 16 years.

I love everything about them and am determined to make both my indoor and outdoor succulent collections flourish, and of course survive the extreme desert in the summer months.

Follow me if your at all interested in my failures, successes and mostly resources!

I like to take pics of my babies for multiple reasons but mainly so I can reference their growth. A few of these pictured are sadly no longer around after the brutal summer of 2018. What I learned from this experience is that the established plants were ok in the summer but the new ones did not tolerate the extreme temps.

So to combat that I will be transitioning indoor babies to outdoors in the spring and monitor their progress. Bringing them back in when necessary.

My husband is building me a shelf next to a large window that has south western exposure. This will also serve as a little bar/table for the grandkids. Pics to follow.

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