Garden Restoration…

I’ve had this cute wooden planter in my garden for several years. Over time the wood had warped and the chalkboard center just withered away. I decided to try to restore it and completely fill it with some succulents.

I couldn’t find a good pic of the way before since I had attempted to fix it by nailing some of it back together a few months prior. When I finally decided to work on it it wasn’t as “fixed” as I thought. I also had to find something to replace the chalkboard center since it was a giant hole now.

I decided to just use another piece of cardboard since I needed the flexibility to accommodate some of the warping. I cut a piece down to size and painted it matte black.

I then printed out a cute little saying on a piece of paper. Then I traced over it with some white transfer paper.

This is what I ended up with after the tracing.

I then went back over the tracing with a chalk pen. You can see the difference here.

I then gave the front and back a good seal, so it will hopefully hold up outdoors.

Then the fun began 😉 Of course once I started to mess with the structure most of it all fell apart. The older nails were rusted and the new nails I had previously used weren’t holding well. So I decided to use some glue and just put it back together that way.

I then added the new center and let it dry.

Once it was dry I was able to add some embellishments. The bottom right corner was so warped I had to improvise and glue in a shim and then add some stacked wooden hearts to disguise the imperfection. I also added some jute and moss and then my plants. It isn’t as full as I had wanted but it will hopefully fill up soon.

More succulents…

I have been trying out different mail order resources for my plants. I have joined a couple of different monthly subscriptions and so far I have had great success with Mountain Crest Gardens. Of the three I have tried their succulents seem to be holding up well, with only a few casualties.

Click on the link below so you can see for yourself the great selection they offer:

Mountain Crest Gardens


I ❤️ Succulents!

I have always loved plants of all kinds. When I moved across country I gave away 30 houseplants that would not make the drive. I only brought my huge Boston fern which I babied for months until it finally gave into the dry desert climate.

Since then I have dabbled in many different categories of plants but have really fallen in love with succulents over the last 16 years.

I love everything about them and am determined to make both my indoor and outdoor succulent collections flourish, and of course survive the extreme desert in the summer months.

Follow me if your at all interested in my failures, successes and mostly resources!

I like to take pics of my babies for multiple reasons but mainly so I can reference their growth. A few of these pictured are sadly no longer around after the brutal summer of 2018. What I learned from this experience is that the established plants were ok in the summer but the new ones did not tolerate the extreme temps.

So to combat that I will be transitioning indoor babies to outdoors in the spring and monitor their progress. Bringing them back in when necessary.

My husband is building me a shelf next to a large window that has south western exposure. This will also serve as a little bar/table for the grandkids. Pics to follow.

Bathroom Redo…

My husband and I have been wanting to remodel our bathrooms to bring them a little more up to date and add some of our styles to them.

The first project was the guest bathroom which was just completed a couple of weeks ago. It took approximately 2 months to complete since my husband did all the work himself, so he had to squeeze in the work when he could. My only contribution was the basic design and the refinished vanity. I also helped paint the walls and the ceiling (which was not part of the plan but turned out to be a benefit to the design) which are 2 different colors.

The completed project!
The only existing items used were the refinished vanity and the painted medicine cabinet.

The vanity was raised by a custom frame.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the final outcome! There were a couple minor obstacles that changed some of the original plans but we overcame and are actually glad for them!


Some of the cakes I’ve made with lots of love for my grandsons…thankfully they don’t have to be perfect or even close!